An ever growing range of specialist, cross functional fibres for Hygiene and Healthcare Applications

Our experience is constantly growing in the Hygiene & Healthcare arena to include additional applications outside of babycare AQL, where our original Hygiene fibre range began some 20 years ago. Our experience in this field has cross fertilised to the development of fibres in the Adult Incontinence and also the Femcare arena, where requirements are quite different and specific. Outside of AQL applications we also have advanced our product portfolio to applications including topsheet and backsheet for diapers with ongoing developments in the area of elastomeric solutions.

Having recently commissioned capacity for finer dtex fibres, Wellman can now offer spunlace fibres for hygiene & healthcare applications. Development work is ongoing across a variety of applications areas to optimise this opportunity, within personal care and also other other applications which offer potential for development and growth.

Skin Health for Wellman has particular priority with extensive development work being undertaken and trialed vigorously, both internally and independently. This development work focuses on the development of a fibre range which optimises the protection of young skin and minimises the risk of damage to vulnerable, at risk, older patients.

Performance Benefits of Wellman Fibre


  • Broad Range
  • Increased loft and resilience
  • Change of pore distribution size
  • Increased scaffolding in matrix


  • Good secondary crimp and crimp retention
  • High amplitude for higher loft
  • Crimp type to increase loft and resilience
  • Influence in finish/resin take up


  • Formulated specifically tailored for purpose
  • Safe in Contact
  • Functional - AM/AD, FDA, Oleophobic


  • High permanent loft
  • Better fillpower
  • Can be optimised


  • Liquid Management
  • Vapour Management
  • Functional Additives
  • Colour Additives
  • Temperature profiles on sheath


  • Independent Validated
  • Fibre and process Traceability
  • Sustainable raw materials and processes that you trust in

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