is at the core of our business

As a pioneer of recycling technologies and practices for almost 50 years, protecting our planet is second nature to Wellman International and inherent to our culture. All raw materials, production processes and products are fully traceable, accredited, and independently validated – providing absolute assurance for our customers, that Wellman fibre, flake and chip products, are truly sustainable and have evolved from a rich heritage of commitment and dedication to sustainability.

We’re proudly listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Remaining True to Our Roots and
Commited to Building a Better Society

Recognized for sustainable practices as one of the top 3% of suppliers in the category.

Outstanding Sustainability Award from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Proudly listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Certified and compliant with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

We achieve one of the highest ESG scores, with a 100% percentile rank.

Climate Change assessed by the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Our corporate and social sustainability solutions are trusted by our customers and frame industry global benchmarks. International certification, accreditation and traceability of our raw materials, products and processes is fundamental in adhering to required Industry standards for specialist applications.

1.05 Billion

bottles recycled in 2020


Barrels of oil saved in 2020


71.5 Million Kgs

C02 Eliminated in 2020


CO2 emissions per kg of
rPET fiber, 4 times lower
than virgin PET fibre.

Since you arrived on this page, 04950 4 bottles have been recycled

Our Commitment

As the original pioneer of turning waste material into a ‘resource’ that can be used many times, Wellman International commit to continuing to protect our precious world and the environment in which we live.

We’ve come a long way, but our journey continues

We’re constantly evolving our products and innovating our processes for a sustainable future. We aim to use our combined power of innovation, industry, policy and people to:

  • Educate

    The world and our global stakeholders on
    reducing waste and pollution

  • Innovate

    To eliminate the plastic we don’t need, we design recyclability at the production stage

  • Circulate

    To ensure the plastic we produce stays in the economy and to help prevent it becoming waste

Expecting less from the environment,
by demanding more from our plastic

Designed with a circular economy in mind

rPET Flake

Performance Fibres

rPET Pellet