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What differentiates us in the automotive industry?

Wellman have always had a strong presence in the Automotive Industry, with a clear understanding of the need for consistent quality, performance improvement, technological advancement, while ultimately delivering in a mutually cost efficient manner. As one of our key areas of strategic focus, significant resources have been allocated to this sector by the company with considerable trial work being undertaken with specialist polymers and fibres with extremely promising results being demonstrated by these fibre and polymer combinations. In recent years, Wellman have commissioned fine dtex capability, which broadens our dtex range from 1.7 dtex to 28 dtex, expanding the range of solutions which Wellman can offer.

We also offer a core range of base fibres for the automotive Industry that we are in a position to offer competitively to the market, being in control of our raw material supply from flake processing plants in France and in the Netherlands.

Being in control of our raw material input we also are able to offer an accredited, transparent trial of recycled material supply. Our flake and fibre processes are independently assessed in a Life Cycle Assessment undertaken by the University of Utrecht, Netherlands and published in Resources Conservation and Recycling (Elsevier) August 2010

Performance Benefits of Wellman Fibre

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  • Broad Range
  • Increased loft and resilience
  • Change of pore distribution size
  • Increased scaffolding in matrix



  • Good secondary crimp and crimp retention
  • High amplitude for higher loft
  • Crimp type to increase loft and resilience
  • Influence in finish/resin take up



  • Formulated specifically tailored for purpose
  • Safe in Contact
  • Functional – AM/AD, FDA, Oleophobic



  • High permanent loft
  • Better fillpower
  • Can be optimised



  • Liquid Management
  • Vapour Management
  • Functional Additives
  • Colour Additives
  • Temperature profiles on sheath



  • Independent Validated
  • Fibre and process Traceability
  • Sustainable raw materials and processes that you trust in

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