Indorama Ventures works with Auping and TWE Group to deliver a fully circular initiative by closing the loop in mattress design, manufacturing and recycling, demonstrated at Techtextil 2022

Bangkok, Thailand – 21st June, 2022


The sustainable collaboration and innovation between Indorama Ventures (IVL), Auping and TWE Group presents a certified cradle to cradle process for mattress components across nonwoven applications, at Techtextil, Frankfurt, 21st to 24th June 2022


Using circular research and design, the industry partnership between IVL Mullagh (Ireland), Auping and TWE Group has resulted in a perpetual, sustainable economic business model, for manufacturers globally. The inclusion of safe raw materials within mattress manufacturing allows the materials to be easily disassembled at the product’s end of use in order to be further reused as same components or recycled into new raw material at the same quality level, to enable versatile textile applications.

Designed for disassembly to optimize the use of existing resources, reduce carbon footprint and support customer objectives all along their customers’ supply chain. This circular industry collaboration begins with design, where the mattress is constructed using only two different base materials, 100% PET polyester textiles and steel wire pocket springs connected with Niaga®️, a non toxic reversible adhesive, making the mattress easy to disassemble and recover.

IVL, Auping and TWE’s shared vision for a better world is demonstrated through their connected and innovative circularity that helps to close the loop. Auping collects, sorts and separates the collected fabrics, which then go to IVL Mullagh for processing, melting and extrusion to form polyester staple fiber. These staple fibers are then converted by TWE Group into nonwovens for use in Auping’s Evolve mattress, the world’s first fully circular mattress. Following the end of mattress use, the material recovery process simply starts again.

Auping estimates that annually more than 40 million mattresses are disposed of in Europe alone, the majority of which are incinerated. Their take back system in the Netherlands ensures that when their new mattress is delivered, the old mattress is retrieved and recycled, irrespective of the brand, ensuring existing materials are continually optimized, diverted from landfill and kept in use to achieve a circular economy.

At Techtextil, IVL will demonstrate this closed loop case study from their exhibition space at Hall 9.1, D05 to showcase their partnership with Auping and TWE Group where a shared sustainable vision, industry ingenuity and circular cooperation can be seen in action.

For over 50 years IVL Mullagh has been recycling more to impact less. Their evolving technology has enabled them to recycle what others can’t. Partnering with key stakeholders to eliminate waste, and design recyclability and efficiencies into products and packaging, together they seek the most sustainable solutions to help all to achieve their sustainability targets.

As a global leader in PET Recycling, IVL is reimagining chemistry to create a better world and is fully committed to innovating processes and materials to achieve a circular economy as demonstrated by its business practices and partnerships with industry to use collective expertise to advance all its business segments.

IVL is partnering with industry to meet increasingly challenging market demands with collaborative and innovative solutions for sustainable futures across the nonwovens, fibers and fabrics sector. Globally across all its territories and across its polymers range, IVL companies are working together with industry and with each other to achieve the best products and the best outcomes without compromising performance or the environment. Developments are featured at Techtextil 2022 and the IVL team welcomes the opportunity to explore how these developments can support customers’ sustainability goals.

At IVL the focus is always on the future. Chris Kenneally, Executive President Fibers at IVL explains: “We measure ourselves by our customers’ success.Through expert collaboration, unparalleled innovation and attention to quality we aim to exceed their expectations. Our strategy to strengthening our collaborations are aligned with our long-term sustainability objectives and we can further our commitment to increase recycled content as we advance circularity together in the sector.”

Geert Doorlag, Researcher on sustainability, sleep and ergonomics at Auping said: “The transformation from a linear to a circular production requires patience and dedication, but also a strong drive to make a difference. Partnerships are very important to us. We strongly believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and trying to translate insights – like in the field of sustainability – into relevant solutions, in cooperation with other parties”.

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See IVL at Techtextil 2022 at Hall 9.1, D05

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