Wellman International – Independent Validation & Accreditation
From its inception in 1973 the first fibre ever produced was made from recycled raw material.

Wellman International progressed to pioneer technology in the whole area of fibre production from recycled postconsumer plastic bottles, acquiring two rPET flake processing facilities in the Netherlands and in France which continue to provide feedstock for fibre production in Mullagh.

As a pioneer and expert in this field, accountability and transparency are particularly important to Wellman, with both the flake and fibre production and processes validated by an independent Life Cycle Assessment Study of PET bottle to fibre recycling, Utrecht University. 


LCA Article in Press 07.09.10




Corporate Governance

At the core of the Wellman International ethos, is that the company  and its employees at all times operate in a principled and ethical manner.

‘At Wellman, our core values guide us in our daily decision-making and in our dealings with our stakeholders. We conduct our business activities with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism. We are committed to protecting the natural environment, to helping our partners reduce their environmental footprint, and to the preservation of the world’s natural resources’

Donal Breen, CEO, Wellman International