Employee Profile – Tanya Clarke

‘The breadth of development and diversity across the Wellman business inevitably presents challenges in terms of skills acquirement and enhancement – in Wellman we have been fortunate in that current employees have embraced change and the calibre of employees the company has attracted has been excellent’

Wellman at its base in Mullagh, Cavan Ireland currently employs approximately 260 employees on a permanent basis, across a multitude of functions relating to fibre production and auxiliary support services. Wellman has been very fortunate in its lifetime at retaining skilled employees. However, as a natural consequence of the company being in existence for over four decades, there has been a steady flow of retirements over recent years with a further number imminent, which presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the company.

Wellman prides itself on the loyalty and dedication displayed by employees over the years in terms of the roles undertaken and skillset which has been established, and so wishes to balance the valuable expertise of our existing workforce and optimise the energy, knowledge and best practice which new employees bring to the organisation.

To meet this challenge the company recently, created a new position, which has been taken over by a longstanding member of the HR team, Tanya Clarke , who manages Strategic Workforce Planning and Development. Tanya has a team of job trainers who work with her to support all employees, both established and new, through new learning practices. As part of ongoing development and the Wellman culture of personal development, every Wellman employee is encouraged to avail of opportunities to upskill and self improve.

An important element of the new training programme being offered, is the versatility training programme, which extends the experience and knowledge of individuals across the organisation, adding value to individuals in terms of their skill set while also having a value for the organisation should a vacancy arrive .

The company has also in recent years, embraced the Lean Six Sigma culture, with training underway across the company. This programme is headed up by Isabel Camacho with the support of Tanya, Isabel Camacho, who is a Six Sigma Black Belt and is an invaluable support to those within the organisation who are at varying stages of the process. This is in line with the company’s definitive approach towards achieving the highest possible standards in respect of quality and customer/market support.