Taking care of our customers

Our People – taking care of our customers

Our most valuable asset is without doubt, our people. The pride, dedication and commitment shown to our customers is evident in the quality of product and service delivered to the customer, from our production technicians to our sales team – which has been the backbone of the Wellman success story for over forty years.


Michael Sheridan– Quality Manager……

‘At Wellman International , underpinning all of our activity is the pre-requisite of delivering the highest quality standard product possible to the customer.  All of our efforts are centred on optimising raw material, systems, processes,  packaging, quality control and logistics to ensure that  the absolute best product is produced, consistently,  for our valued customers.  We understand  how critical it is for our customers’ process of delivering dependable quality product and take this responsibility very seriously.



Cecil Conaty –  Health Safety Environmental & Quality Manager

The importance of the wellbeing and safety of Wellman employees cannot be over emphasised, and the company and management places an extremely high priority on that being the case.  All procedures and systems are followed thoroughly to ensure that the welfare of employees is at the forefront of activity at all times.  Wellman places a high value on all of its employees and recognises that the success of a company rests with its people and endeavours to ensure that everyone is working in a safe, secure and happy environment.