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Wellman International at Index 2011

April 2011

Wellman International attended Index 2011 with renewed focus on their Hygiene product portfolio, represented now under the new ‘Wellman Hygiene Fibres’ division’. This streamlining of the Wellman product range, reflects an ever increasing demand from our customers for innovative, high performance products for Hygiene applications.  Included among this range are, softflex™ HY, fillwell® HY, wellbond® HY, profile HY, wellblend HY and our recently launched sensifil™ HY.

At Index 2011, Wellman welcomed the opportunity to introduce their new range of profile HY fibres. A specialised range of novel shaped fibres which offer greater surface area to weight ratio and therefore enhanced liquid distribution properties.  The unique fibre shape ensures maximised lobe dimensions and allow for a greater hydrophilic surface area and improved liquid management function.

As the leading European supplier of polyester staple fibre, Wellman International attributes its success in delivering solutions for Hygiene applications through working in partnership with our customers.  According to Managing Director, Frank Gleeson 'Advancement of our softflex HY fibre range continues to evolve, consistently driving performance levels and ensuring that our customers are at the forefront of new technological developments. We extend the offer to assist in new product developments and for customers to utilise our expertise across our Hygiene product range'.

Evidence of Wellmans consistent commitment to delivering an innovative product range is demonstrated with the launch of sensifil HY to the market.  This independently accredited range of asthma & allergy friendly™ fibres, also offer benefits in relation to skin contact and related conditions.   This range of fibres, by their very nature are of particular relevance to Hygiene applications and their launch make Wellman the 1st fibre producer globally to achieve asthma & allergy friendly™ component approval.  This component approval has been pursued by Wellman in recognition of both the consumer and the retailer demand for transparency and reassurance and provide third party verification based on gold standard science. It is estimated that by 2015 that 50% of people will suffer from at least one allergy, making this a particularly important advance within the Industry.

Wellman continue to drive a true and validated sustainability agenda, utilising in excess of 1.6 billion post consumer PET bottles annually to produce their fibre products.  Wellman fibre and processes are independently validated through participation in a Life Cycle Analysis Study (published Elsevier, August 2010) and demonstrate an overall lower environmental impact than any other polyester staple fibre studied.  Our fibres also show significantly lower effect on non-renewable resources and a much lower global warming potential than other processes investigated.  Offering fibre traceability and closed loop opportunities, the genuine sustainable platform from which Wellman operate, provides the ideal basis for pursuing sustainable Retailer and Consumer programmes.

Further information is available on or contact

Celene Rafferty at, Phone +353 (0) 46 92 80 200

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